Kingtek strives for Perfect Products - every item, every client, every order. All suppliers talk about how they consider quality to be important, but at Kingtek, we have implemented a stringent Quality Assurance program to check every unit that leaves any of our production facilities. We provide worry-free partnership for all of our clients worldwide.

And we now have our BSI ISO-9001 Quality Certification to reinforce our attention to quality components. And don't think that this fancy certificate is just for show -- now we are more dedicated than ever to provide the best quality components available anywhere.

If you have any questions or require specific details about our Quality Assurance program, please contact our Quality Assurance department directly via email at quality@kingtek.com.tw.

  • Switch Character Test Machine
  • Humidity Chamber
  • Salt Spray Test Machine
  • Rain Test Machine
  • Vibration Test Machine
  • Soldering Wave
  • 2D Projector
  • DIP SW Life Test Machine
  • Puncture Test Machine
  • Insulation Resistance Meter
  • MiliOhm Meter
  • Pull Force Test Machine
  • Thrust Test Machine
  • Video Microscope
  • High Precision Measuring Machine
  • Micro-Checker Gauge
  • Precision Digital Height Gauge
  • Precision Height Gauge
  • Surface Flatness Meter
  • Multi-Gauge Measuring System
  • Hardness Test Machine
  • Optical Tooling Microscope
  • Leakage Test Machine
  • Push Torque Gauge
  • Contact Surface Thermometer
  • Cover Tape Peeling Test Machine